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Precision Assurance/
Quality Control


The machine tool factory is certified for the quality management system: JIS9001:2015 (ISO:2015).

To assure precision, the room temperature in the factory is controlled within 20℃±2℃ with
air conditioning and air purification to prevent dimensional changes in products.

Proactive Introduction of Facilities for Quality Control

We proactively conduct capital investment for quality control: WALTER full-automatic full-measurement 4-axis measuring machine, HELICHECK BASIC3;
Tokyo Seimitsu three coordinate measuring machine, XYZAX SVA1000A-C6; Tokyo Seimitsu surface roughness/surface profile measuring machine, SURFCOM 1800D; Alicona special optical 3D microscopic device, EDGE MASTER G3; HEDENHAIN measurement data process unit, QUADRA-CHECK; Nikon auto collimeter LAC-S, etc.

Constant Temperature
Test Room

We conduct stringent inspection with CMMs (shape measuring machine) roundness measuring machine, etc. in a constant temperature test room with controlled room temperature and humidity to secure our quality assurance system.

What is Important is the Measuring Technique of Technicians

To obtain microlevel precision, what is needed is measuring technique in addition to the technique to operate various grinding machines. Hikari Kikai Seisakusho uses various measuring machines and gages to control dimensions and precision with a well-established measuring technique.