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Keiko Nishioka President
Hikari Kikai Seisakusho
Co., Ltd

Since our foundation, with “grinding” as our theme, we have been consistently cultivating our technological capabilities to provide high-quality products that meet customer needs. After more than 70 years, we are currently engaged in the business of manufacturing of dedicated machine tools centering on grinding machines and cutting tools as well as laser microfabrication.

The Japanese economy has achieved tremendous growth in the post-war era and the manufacturing industry in the country has undergone innumerable changes. In particular, for Hikari Kikai Seisakusho, a major turning point was in the mid-1960s, when our machine tool department switched from general-purpose surface grinding machines to specialize in dedicated machine tools. It was at this time when our unique technological foundation featuring the merger of our long-nurtured craftsmanship and advanced technology made possible by daily innovations was solidified.

Also, around that time, we started to manufacture cutting tools centering on carbide inserts and drill holders and introduced many in-house machines. This prompted the acceleration of sharing and feedback of in-house expertise, information and knowhow, resulting in considerable energy, which helped deepen our technological capabilities.

Today, our business sphere has further expanded. However, we still treasure and carry on the manufacturing culture and spirit which has existed in each phase of our history.

As the economy is globalized, so are manufacturing bases. Also, a Iot is under way. Against such a background, the way manufacturing is conducted is entering a new phase. Under the basic philosophy of “Be Professional”, we will continue to exert ourselves to the utmost so as to elicit a “Wow!” from our customers with our further advanced products and services. We would sincerely appreciate your continued patronage and encouragement.

Hikari Kikai Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Keiko Nishioka

Corporate Philosophy

Be Professional!

A professional will consistently and aggressively endeavor to perfect one’s profession, which is a way to lead to one’s own perfection

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Ideal Corporate Image

Creation of a “WOW!” Culture

We aim to provide products and services globally,
which will enhance our customers’ production ability through fine ideas,
technology and sensibility, eliciting a reaction of “WOW!”.

Further, we hope to realize:
1) employees’ happiness,
2) customers’ satisfaction and
3) contribution to society.