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Fully unmanned operation of mass production
even for complex-shaped workpieces
Single-disk (bottom) grinding machine HSDB-250

Features of Machine

01 Accommodates complex-shaped workpieces

Bottom grinding of cemented carbide inserts for Wavemill, one side grinding of complex-shaped workpieces, etc. which cannot be handled by an ordinary surface grinding machine, can be accommodated.

02 Simultaneous machining of 2 workpieces for higher productivity

Sufficient rigidity provided for the grinding wheel spindle shaft, the rocking shaft and the workpiece presser shaft enables simultaneous machining for 2 workpieces.

03 Automatic transfer of workpieces

The transfer robot and the pallet stacking device enable the fully automatic process of workpieces.
The automatic dressing unit, provided as standard issue, stabilizes machining precision and keeps the grinding wheels in good condition. Also, the automatic thickness measurement system for workpieces provides real-time feedback of measurement results.
The full automation of transfer, machining, measurement and dressing enables fully unmanned mass production.


Applicable work size Inscribed circle Φ3.97mm - 16.0mm
Thickness t2.38mm - 6.35mm
Grinding unit Z axis
Brush wheel
Y axis Wheel
wheel rpm
Max. 3000min-1
wheel size
OD 250mm ID 50.8mm
W 25mm T 35mm
Machine size W1805mm × D1170mm × H2100mm(Excluding Carrier)
W2665mm × D1365mm × H2100mm(Including Carrier)
Power supply 15KVA(carrier device)
CNC Control system FANUC 4 axis control simultaneous 2 axis
Loading & unloading system YAMAHA SCARA robot
Work unit X axis
Work holder (NC)
C axis
Carrier jig indexing (NC)
1 - 360°
Dressing unit/dresser Dressing
wheel rpm
Max. 1550min-1
wheel size
OD 100mm
ID 25.4mm
T 20mm
Machine weight 3500kg(carrier device)