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We at Hikari Kikai Seisakusho, believe that it is essential to proactively perform corporate social responsibility in order to build trustful relations with employees, customers,
business partners and the local community, grow together and become a sought-after company.
With that in mind, we proceed with such activities step by step.
Going forward, we will deepen our understanding of
our CSR and expand its sphere and enhance its content.

CSR Activities of Hikari Kikai Seisakusho

Ideal Corporate Image

Creation of a “WOW!” Culture
We aim to provide products and services globally,
which will enhance our customers’ production ability through fine ideas,
technology and sensibility, eliciting a reaction of “WOW!”.
Further, we hope to realize:
1) employees’ happiness, 2) customers’ satisfaction and 3) contribution to society.

Basic Ideas for CSR

  • We strictly fulfill corporate principle obligations and responsibilities such as compliance with laws and regulations. However, we go above and beyond this to fulfill the execution of a wider range of social responsibilities as a member of society based on our “Ideal Corporate Image”.
  • For that purpose, our basic stance is that we have a deep recognition of the effect of our business on environment and society, continuously strive for its improvement and enhancement and contribute to technological development and value creation.
  • Then, we aim to realize our growth in coexistence with employees, customers and business partners and further contribute to the preservation of the global environment and the development of local community as our CSR objectives.

Human Rights and Work Environment

Human Resources Policy 3G Gender-free Generation-free Global

  • Securing fairness in recruitment and performance evaluation
  • Promotion of active women participation
  • Promotion of active senior member participation
  • Declaration of health management
  • Various activities for health management
  • Establishment of a safety and health committee and assessment
  • Versatile system that accommodates choices at the time of life events
  • Project, “Work-to-Wakuwaku! (Make work exciting) ”

Diversity Management

Diversity management, in which, regardless of gender, nationality or age, diverse human resources and values are proactively promoted, is an important social responsibility for Hikari Kikai Seisakusho, but also the strength of our business which generates added values.

To provide fair opportunities for highly-motivated employees and incorporate diverse human resources and values in our business, we engage in a variety of activities.

Fairness in recruitment and performance evaluation

For recruitment, we ensure that all applicants are selected fairly based on their skills and motivation, not on their gender, nationality or age, and proactively engage in recruitment activities for women and foreigners in order to continuously promote diversity in the company.

For employees, we have established a grade system and a performance evaluation system which allow for a fair evaluation of the efforts and the level of target achievement. Also, we have introduced a treatment system appropriately corresponding to such evaluation to create an environment where everyone can work with objectives and good morale.

In a biannual interview with their superior, employees are judged also from the viewpoint of whether they exert their abilities without any issue that runs counter to the policy of diversity management and as required, it is reflected on the position or work quality.

Promotion of active women participation

As one of the pillars for our diversity management, we proactively recruit women and promote them to key positions.
Even in the front lines of factory floor where women were conventionally few and far between, we give priority to their morale and interest and provide OJT as required so that they can take on challenges even if they do not have experience.

Also, with an aim to promote them to managerial positions, we encourage their participation in the in-house human resource development program (Management Workshop), with no gender discrimination.

Furthermore, we have introduced measures in the personnel system, which encourage women to visualize their career path by utilizing their skill, without having to give up their career due to life events such as marriage or child birth.

The ratio of women in managerial positions Women more than 20% Man less than 80%

At present, women account for approx. 25% of our employees, and work in responsible positions on the design and production floor as well, key areas of manufacturing. With their viewpoints leading to the solution of challenges facing customer shopfloors and their meticulous observation capability exerted for quality control and production control, they have become part of our vital workforce.

The ratio of women in managerial positions also hit 20%, which is an extremely high level compared with the average* of unlisted companies in the country.

The ratio of women in managerial positions Women About 20% Man About 80%

*According to “Corporate awareness survey about women promotion (2018)” by Teikoku Databank, Ltd., the average ratio of women in managerial position is 7.2% for unlisted companies and 5.1% for listed companies in Japan

Promotion of active senior member participation

Hikari Kikai Seisakusho has introduced the post-mandatory-retirement-age reemployment system for all employees from the viewpoint of utilization of senior members and transmission of craftsmanship skills.

Even after such reemployment, we support senior members with the almost same level of benefit package so that they can continue to work with the same motivation as before mandatory retirement.

As of end of March, 2018, 11 members work as reemployed members. They perform their work energetically in tasks such as teaching their junior members by taking advantage of their long-time experience.

Awards related to diversityOur various activities for diversity have been recognized and we have been awarded and selected as follows:

“Encouragement Award for Companies with Men and Women Working Lively” by the Selection Committee of Mie Prefecture
“Equality/Work and Life Balance Promotion, Mie Labor Bureau Director Excellence Award” by the Ministry of Labor, Health and Welfare
“Diversity Management Selection 100” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
“Encouragement Award of the First Empowerment Grand Prize” by the Japan Productivity Center
“50 Leading Companies for Women in APEC” by the Ministerial Meeting of APEC (5 companies selected from Japan)
“Vibrant HABATAKU Small and Medium Enterprises 300 (Human Resources Category)” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry/ Small and Medium Enterprise Agency

Health Management

We have formulated the declaration of health management so that, based on our corporate philosophy,
“Be Professional!”, every employee can achieve the best possible performance as professionals and realize the maintenance and enhancement of health and their work-life balance.

Hikari Kikai Seisakusho “Declaration of Health Management”

Hikari Kikai Seisakusho engages in health promotion in the following activities with a view to achieving a workplace in which employees can work energetically, both mentally and physically:

  1. We disseminate our “Declaration of Healthy Business Entity” inside and outside the company.
  2. We implement periodic medical checkups and achieve a medical checkup rate of 100%. (As required, we provide statutory medical checkup data.)
  3. We comply with laws and regulations.
  4. We grasp health challenges facing employees and review necessary countermeasures.
  5. We enhance our environment for the implementation of health management.
  6. We engage in activities for the promotion of the mental and physical health of employees.

June 21, 2018
Keiko Nishioka
Hikari Kikai Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Based on this Declaration of Health Management,
we conduct activities for its promotion.


Main Activities

Reduction of Overtime
  • Visualization of overtime
  • Hearing for employees with long hours of overtime
  • Activities for higher productivity
Grasping of Health Risk
  • Maintaining the medical checkup rate of 100%
  • Measure for promotion of women health(Free mammography for breast cancer, etc.)
  • Implementation of stress check
Health Management and
  • Implementation of radio calisthenics (every morning) for increased exercise opportunities
  • Establishment of a smoking room to prevent passive smoking and promotion of nonsmoking
  • Installation of health measurement equipment to support health management
  • Interview by an industrial physician (for applicable persons)
Creation of
Safe Workplace
  • Promotion of 5S activities
  • Management of dangerous material and thorough security
Enhancement of
Health Awareness
  • Implementation of in-house training with the theme of health
  • Lending of health-related books (Library)

Establishment of Safety and Health Committee

We have established the Safety and Health Committee as a company-wide organization in order to check whether these activities are conducted properly and introduce appropriate measures.

The Safety and Health Committee conducts risk assessment once a month to check whether the safety and health of employees are ensured and whether the risk of health damage is minimized.

Overtime work is also covered by this assessment and the committee grasps its situation of each department and employee and takes the initiative in the review and implementation of measures for its reduction. When there is no improvement, it may take measures such as a transfer to a different position in collaboration with the Personnel Department.

Certification related to Health Management

Our activities for health management have been recognized and we have received the following certifications:


  • Certified under the 2020 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Program (SME category) by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi (Mar. 2020)
  • Certified as Health Promotion Business Establishment by the Mie Branch of Japan Health Insurance Association (Jun. 2018)


Realization of Work-life Balance and Workstyle Reform

Diversity management cannot be promoted without creating a new work environment and system.
With an aim to promote diversity management, and in particular, active participation of women, Hikari Kikai Seisakusho has been proceeding with the introduction of a system to support motivated employees so that individual circumstances such as childcare and nursing care do not impede their career paths.
Also, we have launched workstyle reform toward work-life balance for all employees.

System that Allows Choices Suitable for Life Events

  • Perinatal leave
  • Childcare leave
  • Nursing care leave
  • Short working hour
  • Telework
  • Special leave
  • Subsidy for training expenses during childcare leave

In addition, consultation is provided to accommodate change of work responsibilities, etc. based on each circumstance.

Implementation of the Project “Work-to-Wakuwaku (Make work exciting)”

As part of workstyle reform of Hikari Kikai Seisakusho, we have been carrying out “Work-to-Wakuwaku Project” since 2017. It aims to promote the maximization of performance and enhance work efficiency and productivity so that each employee can reduce overtime and strike a balance between work and life to achieve a fulfilling life. This project involves all employees.

Main Activities of the Project

”Hikarinpic” in which teams compete in “5S”, a basic of manufacturing industry, as if it were a game

”Wow Grand prix”, improvement activities for enhancement of production efficiency

”Sweet Message”, activity for employees to express gratitude to each other

Work-o-Wakuwaku (Make work exciting)

Excellent activities are recognized with Chairman Award, Excellency Award, etc. and presented with incentive money and gifts.

Work-o-Wakuwaku (Make work exciting)

Quality and Value-added Technology

Pursuit of Quality
  • ISO9001 certification
  • Establishment of QA room
  • Company-wide quality management system
Transmission of Techniques
  • Manufacturing training center
Development of Technology
for Solution of Challenges
  • Activity for craftsmanship to be maintained
  • Consideration for universal design
Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction
Contribution to the sophistication and higher productivity of the customer’s manufacturing floor
Respond to the Needs of Society
Technology-driven solution of challenges facing manufacturing floor and society

Pursuit of Quality

Quality contains every element required for manufacturing such as safety, precision, durability, stability, etc. and is an absolute requisite for delivering added value to our customers’ manufacturing floor.
Hikari Kikai Seisakusho gives top priority to quality management as a commitment to our customers and our machine tool factory, a true hub of manufacturing, is certified for ISO9001(Quality Management System)”, highly regarded international quality standard, and implements a world-class quality management system.

Also, the Quality Assurance Section supervises company-wide quality management and every process ranging from design, procurement, finishing, inspection to delivery, all of which work in liaison with the machine tool factory, shares similarly stringent quality management standards for continuous enhancement of quality.

Transmission of Techniques

Our proprietary techniques, nurtured since our foundation, constitute an indispensable base for providing high-quality and high value-added products and services which continue to satisfy our customers.
Also, a variety of techniques nurtured by Japanese SMEs are vital assets for manufacturing not only in Japan but also in the rest of the world.
Hikari Kikai Seisakusho has established an in-house “Manufacturing Training Center” to endeavor to hand down the “master craftsmanship”, pride of Japanese manufacturing, from skilled technicians to younger members.
We believe that the preservation of techniques and its transmission to the next generation is one of the important responsibilities we need to be aware of.

Development of Technology for Solution of Social Challenges

In the manufacturing industry, due to a labor shortage and changing industrial structure, challenges in the transmission of craftsmanship and the sustainability of its related supply chain have started to surface.
Hikari Kikai Seisakusho also focuses on the development of technology and products with a view to solving such challenges.

Mechanization of Machining Skills of Skilled Technicians

These days, a shortage of various machining technicians becomes one of the elements of uncertainty in manufacturing.
For example, machining of tool tips made of PCD (diamond sintered body), typical difficult-to-machine material, requires an extremely high level of machining skill due to its property and has been entrusted to skilled technicians with long-time experience, knowhow and hunch.
However, with aging technicians and labor shortage, the development of technicians and the continuation of machining in this area have become serious issues in many manufacturing floors.
Therefore, Hikari Kikai Seisakusho analyzed the skills of these skilled craftsmen, digitized them, and by taking advantage of our track record in the manufacturing of grinding machines, one of the best in Japan, succeeded in the automation of machining of PCD tool tips (PCD tool tip grinding machine, HPCD-150S), thus contributing to the solution of the challenge in the manufacturing floor struggling for securing best practice machining technique.

Universal Design

It is an important element for manufacturing machines to have a viewpoint of designing for safe, stress-free high-precision manufacturing by reducing the burden on operators.
For example, these days, there are many senior members and women working actively on the manufacturing floor. But there are cases where the height of the operation panel, the weight of the operation lever, etc. place a heavy operational burden on some operators.
Here, our women members play a central role to proactively incorporate the idea of universal design in the design of operation-related parts which affect the burden on operators.
Up to this day, with light, easy-to-turn handles, switches located conveniently at hand, easy-to-understand operational interface, safety-focused machine design, we have been engaged in solving shop floor challenges not only in terms of performance and functions but also in terms of design. Going forward as well, we will pursue both maximization of productivity and stress-free features to manufacture “operator-friendly” machines.


Hikari Kikai Seisakusho conducts its business while receiving benefits from various natural resources. For the sustainability of our community and the global environment, it is our important social responsibility to minimize the usage of resources and use them effectively in order to reduce the burden on the global environment as much as possible.
Based on this recognition, we have formulated the Environmental Declaration as follows, share it both inside and outside the company, and promote company-wide activities for the reduction of environmental challenges by introducing the environmental management system (M-EMS):

Hikari Kikai Seisakusho Co., Ltd. “Environmental Declaration”

Basic Philosophy
Hikari Kikai Seisakusho Co., Ltd. recognizes that the preservation of the global environment is one of the most important challenges common to all humankind and makes company-wide efforts to reduce environmental burdens.

Hikari Kikai Seisakusho promotes environmental management activities based on the policy given below to aim at the harmonization with global environment in order to reduce the effects of all activities related to the design, manufacturing and sales of dedicated machine tools (grinding machines) as well as the production and sales of steel tools and carbide tools on the environment.

  1. With the environmental effects related to our activities, products and services always in mind, we promote the prevention of environmental pollution and work for the continuous improvement of environmental management activities. The environmental protection includes sustainable usage of resources, alleviation of and adjustment to climate changes as well as protection of biodiversity and the ecosystem.
  2. We comply with environmental laws and other requirements related to our activities, products and services.
  3. Out of environmental effects related to our activities, products and services, we engage in the following items as environmental management priorities:
    (1)Reduction of usage of office paper
    (2)Reduction of electric power consumption
    (3)Promotion of purchase of eco-friendly products
    (4)Promotion of environmental improvement suggestions
    (5)Promotion of social contribution activities
    (6)Promotion of environmental education and awareness-raising activities
  4. For each member to be able to proactively put into practice activities to reduce environmental burdens, we make this Environmental Declaration known to all employees and make it public outside the company.
  5. We involve ourselves proactively in the environmental improvement activities of Mie Prefecture and Tsu City.

To achieve the policy given above, we promote a environmental management system while implementing target setting and periodic review.

Date of establishment:
October 1, 2011
Date of revision: September 29, 2017
Keiko Nishioka
Hikari Kikai Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

M-EMS Certification

To properly implement environmental activities and manage and operate them in accordance with public standards for environmental measures, in 2012, we acquired the certification of “Step 2” of “M-EMS”, environmental management system established by Mie Prefecture for SMEs.
In accordance with procedures set by “M-EMS”, we have formulated an environmental improvement plan and an environmental management manual and, based on them, engage in activities for the reduction of environmental burdens through our work.
Also, regarding the progress of the plan, we conduct a monthly check, share it inhouse, receive an annual audit by its certification body and have continued to be certified up to today by satisfying its requirements.

Mie Prefectural Environmental Management System: M-EMS

This certification system is set for the promotion of voluntary activities for reduction of environmental burdens by businesses in Mie prefecture and for the promotion of introduction of international environmental standard: ISO14001. “Step 2”, which our company has acquired, is the activity with a view to acquiring the certification of “ISO14001” in the future and consists of requirements which are almost identical with those in ISO14001.



Hikari Kikai Seisakusho was founded in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture in 1946 and has been engaged in business in this place as a base over more than 70 years. This is only possible because of the understanding and cooperation of people in the community, relevant organizations and business partners. We are deeply indebted to all of them.
Our company conducts activities as a member of community, which contributes to the development of community, even in a small way, centering on the themes: “Human resource development of community”, “Promotion of culture” and “Development of local industry”.

Human Resource Development of Community

Acceptance of Student internship

Periodically we accept interns from high schools, technical colleges, universities and graduate schools in Mie Prefecture and provide opportunities of job experience and technological experience.

Declaration of “Corporation Supporting the Young”

The project of “Declaration of Corporations Supporting the Young” is the initiative of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, designed to promote the recruitment and development of young people by SMEs. We subscribed to the significance of the activity and in 2015 we made the declaration of “Corporation Supporting the Young” as the first company in Mie Prefecture. Mie Prefecture engages in a variety of activities to expand the employment opportunities for young people and by working closely with them, we enhance our activities such as company visits for young people, publication of employment information, etc.

Presentation material by Mie Prefectural Bureau of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Acceptance of children and students in Mie Prefecture for plant visit and training

Hikari Kikai Seisakusho proactively accept company visits and training for young people studying in Mie so that they can widen their perspectives, learn about local industries and get opportunities for social studies to think about their future career path.

Main Acceptance Programs

  • Field trips of local primary schools
    “Exciting industrial experience of Tsu city”
    (sponsored by Tsu Municipal Government), etc.
  • Company tour for local senior high schools
  • Company tour/training for local university students
    “New Manufacturing Discovery Tour in Mie”
    (sponsored by Mie Industry and Enterprise Support Center)
    Job matching tour, “Regional Attraction Discovery Bus Tour”
    (sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), etc.

Organization of Global Leader Development Seminar

With an aim to share the knowledge and skills related to global business nurtured through our overseas business with children and young people in Mie and develop global leaders who will expand their activities to the rest of the world from Mie, we periodically organize a seminar and make it open to the public free of charge.
We invite lecturers who are active in the front lines of each field to our seminar and ask them to talk about themes such as “What is a global leader?”, “How to acquire skills and senses required of global leaders” and the like.

Information on seminars is available in “News” on our website.


Provision of Lectures

Furthermore, we proactively cooperate with seminars related to local human resource development and provide donated lectures.

Main seminars/lectures

“Management Lecture” by the Osaka Machine Appliance Wholesaler Cooperative
“Shining Women Support Conference in Mie” by Mie Prefectural Government
“Gender Equality Lecture” by Gender Equality Promotion Council
“Changing Japanese Manufacturing through Women Empowerment” by Kyoto Institute of Technology
“Aichi Women Empowerment Promotion Summit 2015” by Aichi Prefectural Government
“Diversity Management Strategy Seminar: Women Empowerment on Manufacturing Floor Changes Businesses” by Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry
“Program for Promoting Regional Revitalization by Universities as Centers of Community (COC+Program) kick-off symposium” by Mie Prefectural Government
“Diversity Management Strategy ∞MeetUP” by Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry
“Next generation Women Leader Candidates Development Lecture” by Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry
“Mie Shining Women Forum” by Mie Prefectural Government
“Top Seminar” by the Institute for Small Business Management and Technology and many others

Donated Lectures at Educational Institutions

  • “Region and work”, “Top Seminar of Local Excellent Company”, “Gender Equality” by Mie University
  • “Global Leadership Theory” by National Institute of Technology, Suzuka College.
  • “Top Seminar of Excellent Company Continuing to Take on Challenges in the World” by Tsu City College

Promotion of Culture

Sponsorship for Mie Center for the Arts

As a general supporting member, since 2011, we have been supporting the Mie Center for the Arts, a central cultural facility of Mie Prefecture comprising the Fine Arts Center, the Lifelong Learning Center, the Gender Equality Center and the Prefectural Library.
Also, for a variety of events and workshops held in the Gender Equality Center, we present cases and share information about the diversity management we actively promote.


Sponsorship for Mie Prefectural Museum, MieMu


The Mie Prefectural Museum, MieMu, is the first full-scale prefectural museum inaugurated in 2014 with a theme of development of region and people by protecting and carrying on the nature, history and culture of Mie prefecture.
We have embraced its basic theme and have been cooperating in its operation as a “corporate partner” and a “supporting member” since its inauguration.


Development of Local Industry

Contribution to the development of local industry through partnership of industry,
government and academia.

To make our technology useful for the development of local industry, we have been cooperating with local universities and businesses to engage in a variety of research and product development.

Technological Development for Solar Thermal Power Generation

In 2012, as a project adopted by NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization), we participated in the technological development project for beam condensing unit for solar thermal power generation in collaboration with National Institute of Technology, Suzuka College and Mie University.

Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Collaboration Project for the Sixth Sector Industrialization of Local Marine Products Industry

In 2009, with an aim to diversify the prefectural marine products industry into the sixth sector industry through commercialization of marine products and promote employment, Mie University and the Daisan Bank collaborated with each other to launch a workshop, “Agricultural, commercial and industrial collaboration “. In support for the workshop, we applied our machine tool technology to develop a high-quality automatic
smoking cooker machine. This activity was also recognized as “Tsu City SME Promotional Project” for Fiscal 2009.

Participation in the Project for Advancement of Core Manufacturing Technology

In 2014, entrusted by Mie Industry and Enterprise Support Center, we launched a development project as a Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program ("Supporting Industry Program") in collaboration with Mie University, Mie Industrial Research Institute, Sumitomo Electric Hard Metal Co., Toyota Industries Corporation.
In this project, we proceeded with the development of finished tip shape of high-performance cutting tool used to machine downsized engine parts and the development of dedicated machine tool that can realize such tip shape and achieved their commercialization.

Other Activities

Support for Disaster-stricken Areas: “IPPO IPPO NIPPON (Step by Step Japan)” Project


“Ippo Ippo Nippon Project” was started by the Chubu Association of Corporate Executives with the desire to be of help to the economy and people of the area devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. Currently, the donation is delivered directly to technical high schools in the area stricken by Kumamoto earthquake in addition to Tohoku. Hikari Kikai Seisakusho has been supporting and cooperating with this project immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake.


Welfare Activities

We donate money to “Animal Refuge Kansai”, which engages in animal protection activity for rescued dogs, cats and others, and “Save the Children”, which conducts activities to protect children’s rights in the world. We also offer articles to bazaars intended to raise funds for such activities.