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Fully unmanned operation of high-precision R honing Brush-honing machine HBR-250

Features of Machine

01 Microlevel control of R honing of cutting edge

R honing of insert can be conducted with microlevel precision for 2 workpieces at the same time.
Also, complex 3D-shaped inserts can be accommodated with the synchronous control software.

02 Honing ratio setting change is available.

The dedicated machining software allows the honing ratio for cutting edge to be changed, which is not provided by a general-purpose machine. This, in turn, allows an ideal cutting edge shape suitable for the property of workpiece to be achieved.

03 Automatic transfer of workpieces

The transfer robot and the pallet stacking device enable the fully automatic process of workpieces.


Applicable work size Inscribed circle 3.97mm - 16.0mm
Thickness 2.38mm - 6.35mm
Grinding unit Elevation axis
(Z axis)
Oscillation axis
(Y axis)
rpm Max. 3000min-1
wheel size
OD 250mm ID 50.8mm
W 25mm T 35mm
Machine size W1805mm × D1170mm × H2100mm
(Without Loading & Un-loading unit)
W2665mm × D1365mm × H2100mm 
(Loading & Un-loading unit, Included)
Power supply 15KVA
Control unit FANUC 4 axis control
Loading & Unloading system YAMAHA scara robot
Work unit Work push / elevation axis
(X axis)
Carrier jigs
(C axis)
Dress unit rpm Max. 1550min-1
wheel size
OD 100mm
ID 25.4mm
T 20mm
Machine weight 4000kg
(Loading & Un-loading unit, Included)