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More than 30 years in pursuit of high productivity.
This is the longest-selling model of the Hikari
Double-disc surface grinding machine: HDDO-400

Features of the Machine

01 High rigidity and high productivity

The column with ingenious rib structure, the slide with roller mechanism, the large-diameter spindle shaft etc., all secure sufficient rigidity at every key point, enabling simultaneous machining of 6 workpieces.

02 One side grinding also accommodated

The dedicated plate mounted on the upper grinding wheel enables one side grinding.

03 Automatic transfer of workpieces

The transfer robot and the pallet stacking device enable fully automatic processing of workpieces. The automatic dressing unit provided as standard stabilizes machining precision and keeps the grinding wheels in good condition. Also, the automatic thickness measurement system for workpieces provides real-time feedback of measurement results. The full automation of transfer, machining, measurement and dressing enables fully unmanned mass production.


Applicable work size Inscribed circle 6.35mm - 24.0mm
Thickness 3.18mm - 6.35mm
Grinding unit X axis 150mm
Y axis 50mm
rpm Max. 600min-1
wheel size
OD 400mm ID 275.2mm
W 40mm T 40mm
Work unit Z axis 110mm
A axis 1°~360°
Dress unit rpm Max. 1700min-1
wheel size
OD 110mm
ID 31.75mm
T 10mm
Control unit FANUC 4 axis control
Loading Unloading system YAMAHA scara robot
Machine size W3000mm×D2600mm×H2300mm
(Include Loading & Un-loading unit)
Machine weight 9500kg
(Include Loading & Un-loading unit)
Power supply 50kVA